Deutsche Doggen vom Hause Arabin
Owner: Assimina Christopoulou
Telefon + Fax: +49 (0) 2934-401

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Welcome to the Great Dane Kennel
"Deutsche Doggen vom Hause Arabin"

I breed more then 15 years Great Danes in the colours harlekin and black. You will find a lot of my offspring in many countries, like Italy, England, Thailand and of course Germany. My breeding program is based on Felouka und Estopa von Maverick - look at their pedigrees!

The next puppies are expected for spring 2004, you will then read and see more about my kennel and the dogs.

Enjoy the photos and our site!


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Deutsche Doggen vom Hause Arabin
Owner: Assimina Christopoulou, Grevensteiner Str. 12, 59846 Sundern
Telefon + Fax: +49 (0) 2934-401

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